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UND 363 Meth Grn P

UND 363 Methyl Grn Pyronin Y

Purpose for methyl green pyronin y diff DNA and RNA, but primary use to identify plasma cells or immunoblasts
principle for methyl green pyronin y dna stains with methyl green, rna stains red with pyronin. staining is differentiated due to different degrees of polymerization of dna and rna molecules
give specifics for methyl green and pyronin y methyl grn is hydrophilic, cationic dye of moderate size, pyronin is smaller, weakly hydrophilic cationic dye
fix for methyl green pyronin y 10% NFB preferred (B-5, zenker, helly is ok)
tech ***4 microns***
QC required formalin fixed paraffin embedded section with many plasma cells,
reagents (in order) MGPY soln' - stains rna and dna, acetone - dehydrant
results dna - green to blue-green, rna - red to rose, goblet cells - mint green, background - pale pink to colorless, immunoblasts/plasma cell cyto - intense red, nuclei - green to blue-green
what fix tissue can be used and what isn't required due to this particular stain works well with formalin fixed section, doesn't require carnoy's fixed tissue as most other methyl green pyroni tech's need.
what can cause depolymerization of dna acids and some fixes can cause depolymerization and results in DNA losing methyl green binding ability, but will bind to pyronin instead (differential staining will NOT occur)
what can pyronin also stain besides RNA pryonin not specific for RNA, will stain cartilage, osteoid, keratin, eosinophil granules and mast cells...BUT it cannot compete with methyl green for DNA
Created by: mustangvxd