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UND 363 PTAH for muscle

purpose for phosphotungstic acid hematos (PTAH) demo muscle cross-striation (ie rhabdoyosarcomas), fibrin, nemaline rods, and glial fibers (in QC section as well)
principle for phosphotungstic acid hematox (PTAH) tungsten binds hematein to blue lake (stains selected tissue blue), phospotung. acid stains others red-brown,
PTAH is what _______chrome stain polychrome. 1 solution gives 2 major colors
what will occur if dehydration after staining is not rapid components colored red-brown will lose color with water or prolonged alcohol washes
give another way to describel the principle for PTAH phosphotungstic acid reacting with hematein created a highly acidic soln' which contains both blue and red anions (the resulting mis will stain certain tissues 2 contrasting colors)
fix for phosphotungstic acid hematos (PTAH) zenkers preferred, but 10%NBF is ok
tech *******4-6********
qc for phosphotungstic acid hematos (PTAH) skeletal or ciadiac muscle to demo cross-striations, or cerbral cortex for GLIAL fibers
results cross-striations - blue, nuclei - blue, collagen - red-brown
why is zenkers used zenkers (+acetic acid) acts as mordant if tissue was (is likely) formalin fixed
what needs to be used since zenkers will be in this stain grams iodine (or lugol) and sodiom thiosulfate will remove the mercury pigment. iodine to remove mercury and sodium thio to remove excess iodine
what is the purpose of the pot. permanganate in this stain dye traping agent
what does the oxalic acid do for this stain decolorizes
how is PTAH ripened can be done both naturally or chemically (via pot. permanganate)
give the order of the reagents in this stain zenkers, gram iodine, soduim thiosulfate, pot. permanganate, oxalic acid, PTAH
why is the ripening of this stain important chemically oxidized have shorter shelf life and cause overoxidation. if this happens it can affect the proper density of blue tones
what can be done to increase longevity of PTAH shelf life store in amber glass bottles
what can also be used as a mordant for this stain bouins
why is washing important in this stain wash before staining because hydration will help with uptake of dye molecules, also washing after the sodium thiosulfate will keep it from interfering with the PTAH stain.
if the tissue is originally fixed in formalin what can occur the staining can be very uneven (therefore PTAH has been mostly replaced by IHC)
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