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UND 363 Retic info

UND 363 Reticular fiber and silver techs.

reticular fibers have what function and are found where support, and are found in liver, kidney and spleen
why demonstrate reticular fibers (examples) cirrhotic liver will show disturbed patterns of the retic fibers, can also display specific patters in tumors and therefore differentiate different tumor types
what are the retic fibers usually demod with silver stains (rely on impregnation of silver ions on fibers and then subsequent REDUCTION of silver ions to a visible metallic form
what is argyrophilic retic fibers are argyrophilic meaning that they can absorbe silver from soln' but can't reduce them to a visible form w/o a reducing substance
what are the 7 steps in silver techs. oxidation, sensitization, silver impregnation, reduction, toning, removal (of unreduced silver), counterstainig
explain oxidation oxidation (glycol to aldehydes), enhances subsequent steps, used oxidizers phosphomolybdic acid, potassuim permanganate, and periodic acid
explain sensitization helps initial binding to tissues, is done with uranyl nitrate, dilute soln' silver nitrate.
explain silver impregnation silver ions provided by ammoniacal silver soln' will impregnate fibers and replace sensitizer in metal organic cmpd. (can be done with ammoniacal or diamine silver complex)
What is silver diamine complex composed of (strong base), ammonium hydroxide added to silver nitrate/potassium hydroxide aqueous soln' which will form the silver diamine complex
explain reduction (ie developing), reduction uses formalin to reduce silver diamine to a visible form
explain toning Toning is when bound metallic silver is treated with gold chloride. (converted to metallic gold) **is more stable and give better contrast/clarity**
explain silver removal unreduced silver is removed by treating the sections with sodium thiosulfate (hypo)
explain counterstaining may or may not be used (can use nuclear fast red or lt. green)
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