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UND 363 Movat Pent.

UND 363 Russell mod Movat Pentachrome

purpose for russell mod movat pent. demo mucin, fibrin, elastic fibers, muscle and collagen (can also demo cryptococcus neoformans)
Principle for russell mod movat pent. Pt. 1 (ending with sodium thiosulfate) acid muco's stained by alcian blue, alk. alcohol then converts alcian blue to monastral fast blue (insoluble). Iron hematox stains elastic and nuclei, then they are diff'd with ferric chloride. sodium thio removes residual iodine.
Principle for russell mod movat pent. Pt. 2 crocein scarlet and acid fuchsin stain muscle/cyto/collagen/grnd sub. Phosphotung diff removes stain from collagen and grnd sub.acetic acid removes phosphotung., then collagen counterstained with alcoholic safran
fix for russell mod movat pent. 10% NBF, (or acetic formalin sublimate OR bouins)
Tech for russell mod movat pent. 4-5 microns
QC for russell mod movat pent. section of lung, skin or colon
what can the crocein scarlet and acid fuchsin also stain reticular fibers
results for russell mod movat pent. nuclei and elastic - black, collagen - yellow, ground substances and mucin - blue, fibrinoid/fibrin - intense red, muscle - red
how long doe diff'tion take 2-3 min
why is it important to remove all alkaline alcohol it will inhibit subsequent staining steps
Created by: mustangvxd