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UND 363 Ald. Fuch.

UND 363 Aldehyde Fuchsin

Purpose for Aldehyde Fuschin elastic demon. elastic fibers, mast cell granules, gastric chief cells, pancreatic islet Beta cells., some basophils of ant. pituitary and some mucin
Principle for Aldehyde Fuschin elastic HCL and paraldehyde are added to alcholic soln' of basic fuschin (forms aldehyde fuschin), Schiff bases are formed by the aldehyde and fuchsin
secondary principle explaination for Aldehyde Fuschin elastic affinity for elastic by aldehyde fuchsin is due to van der wall forces (caused btween non-polar molecules forming dipole) interacting between schiff bases and hydrophobic protein elastin
Fix for Aldehyde Fuschin elastic 10% NBF preferrred, Chromate fix AVOIDED (cause cloudy staining)
what will formalin and bouin fixed tissue show, and if it is mercury fixed? a colorless background for boins, pale lilac background for mercury
tech for Aldehyde Fuschin elastic 4-5 micron
QC for Aldehyde Fuschin elastic aorta embedded on edge or x-section of musculary artery, or can used skin
reagents for Aldehyde Fuschin elastic aldehyde fuchsin (hcl/paraldehyde/alc. basic fuchsin), schiff bases - affinity for elastic fibers, alcohol - diff'r, lt. green - counterstain
how does the paraldehyde function increases depth of stain by linking basic fuchsin and forming aldehyde fuchsin
what do schiff bases have affinity for and what color will they stain them affinity for elastic fibers - deep purple
if the aldehyde fuschin is red instead of purple what is the issue old paraldehyd used (either use fresh batch or double the conc. of the reactant)
if the soln' is greenish blue or purple precipitate is seen when soln' filtered what is the cause old aldehyde fuchsin (make new solution)
if elastic fibers, basophils, pancreatic Beta cells not staining the basic fuchsin what may be the cause the basic fuchsin contains 1○ rosanilin (CI42510) instead of the needed (CI42500)
results for Aldehyde Fuschin elastic elastic fibers - deep blue to purple, other tissue - greeen
Created by: mustangvxd