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UND 363 VVGeison

UND 363 Verhoeff Van Geison

purpose for Verhoeff V. Geison P.A/A.F stain primary connective tissue stain, but typically used as a counterstain for Verhoeff elastic stain
principle for Verhoeff V. Geison P.A/A.F stain (3 dyes total) - collagen is selectively stained by acid dyes (ie mixture of acid dyes that compoete for available linkages)
what are the three stains for Verhoeff V. Geison P.A/A.F stain Acid fuschin (sirius red can be used instead), Picric acid, Hematox (weigerts or iron celestian blue) *metal complex cationic dyes*
describe purpose of acid fuschin larger molecule size permeates collagen fibers (is restricted to collagen because of its size)
describe purspose of Picric Acid Smaller molecule, penetrates compact muscle, cyto, and RBC (acts as a dye itself and lowers PH of soln' for selective staining.
Fix for Verhoeff V. Geison P.A/A.F stain 10% NBF
tech for Verhoeff V. Geison P.A/A.F stain 4-5 microns
control for Verhoeff V. Geison P.A/A.F stain built in, but can use uterus, sm. int., appenx, fall tube
name the three reagents for Verhoeff V. Geison P.A/A.F stain Weigerts - stains nuclei, acid fuschin - stain collagen, picric acid - stain muscle and cyto (*must be saturated*, lowers ph and acts as counterstain)
what will occur if picric acid is not saturated in this stain the collagen fibers will appear pale pink/pale orange in muscle and cyto. May stain same color as conn. tissue or appear unstained
what can be used in addition to van geison to help color diff. HCL will sharpen stain diff between muscle and collagen
typical results for Verhoeff V. Geison P.A/A.F stain Collagen - red, Muscle - deep yellow, Nuclei - black
what is the cause for lack of crispness of stain ph is too high
what can cause uneven staining? not acidic enough of stain
if nuclei fail to stain or are pale what is issue likely Iron hematox was not used or it needs to be changed
what can cause increased red and yellow sections? coagulent fixative will make red tones, cross linking fixatives wil cause yellow tones
what will occur if water is used post van geison acid fuschin will be extracted
what part of the stain will direct sunlight affect acid fuschin
Created by: mustangvxd