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UND 363 Gomori TRI

UND 363 Gomori Trichrome One Step

Purpose of Gomori Trichrome (2) Id collagen from muscle, ID increased collagenous connective tissue
Principle of Gomori Trichrome Plasma stain and connective tissue fiber stain mixed with phosphotunstic acid and acetic acid
How doe the principle function Phosphotunstic acid stains muscle and cytoplasm red. The tungstate Ion takes up collage and binds the conn. tissue fiber stain to this complex. (collage can be green or blue depending on color stain)
Fixatives of Gomori Trichrome Bouins - mordant (intensify the color reaction, any well fixed tissue is OK
microns cut at? and 2 facts pertaining to sections 4-5 micron, NOT glycolmethacrlate sections (due to acid), OK for FS (cryo) sections
Control of Gomori Trichrome is built in, but uterus, sm. int. appendix and fall. tube can be used
List reagents of Gomori Trichrome Bouins (mordant), Weigert (iron hematox) nuclear stain, Gomori (chromotrope 2r w/ fast green/lt green/or aniline blue w/phosphotung acid w/ acetic acid)
What are the components of the gomori stain for? chromotrope 2r - plasma stain (hydrophilic), fast green/lt. green/aniline blue - conn. tissue counterstain, phosphotung acid - red stain of muscle and cyto *acts a bind for fast grn. etc..), acetic acid - diff's conn. tissue fibers
what is an issue with lt green prone to fading
facts about fast green green anion, larger than chromotrope 2r and more hydrophilic
what can be used instead of acetic acid? use HCL - will intensify Conn. tissue fiber colorization
typical results of Gomori Trichrome Nuclei - black, cyto/keratin/muscle - red, collagen/muscle - green or blue
What can cause weak staining of Gomori Trichrome if pale blue collagen w/ no red tinge - must reduce time in post stain acetic acid
what are two unexpected coloring results and why/fixed yellow tinge - if bouins fixed (the sections need to be washed more), Too red - check PH of dye bath (ph less or = to 2) *adjust with .1m HCL
what will cause the stain to change stain will change with increased staining time and w/ dye ratio
What will conditions (ex burns) do to the collagen will turn collagen red and not blue
what can be done if fine collagen fibers appear fuzzy increase acidity of dye bath
Created by: mustangvxd