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UND 363 Tricrome Gen

UND 363 Trichrome General and collage/muscle techs.

what can trichrome stain differientate collagen from smooth muscle (can also be used for fibrin and RBC's)
what are the dyes specific for one is a nuclear dye and the other two are acid dyes of different color (for selectively coloring basic tissue)
what would be a clinical application for the trichrome stain and increase in collage will indicate fibrotic change (ie cirrhosis of liver), also good for determining neuromuscular disease and tumors of muscle tissue
what is better used than the trichrome stain IHC (can determine specific cell types), but trichrome still good
what are 5 factors that affect the stain tissue permeability and dye molecule size, heat, ph, nuclear stain, fixation.
how does molecule size affect smaller molecules are better, but if a larger one will fit it will replace the smaller one
how does heat affect stain heat influences rate of staining and penetration of the dye
how does PH affect stain (1.5 - 3.0 for trichrome), ph can affect nuclear stain (ex alum. hematox will decolor in adic soln')
how does the nuclear stain affect the trichrome weigerts used because it is an iron hematox (is more resistant to acid soln' Vs. alum hematox)
how does fixation affect stain prolonged formalin will cause several tissue groups to be saturated, therefore fewer groups to react with trichrome stain
How can the problem of prolonged fixation be remedied tissue can be treated (mordanted/post fix) with picric acid, bouins, or mercuric chloride soln'
what is the difference between the multistep ad one step technique multi - dyes applied one after another and optimized at each step, One step - dyes and reagents combined - the reactions occur simultaneously (ie van gieson/gomoris
give 4 stain techniques for collagen and muscle van gieson (acid aniline dye w/picric acid), masson tri (phosphomylbdic and phoshpotungstic acid), PTAH, Periodic acid oxidation method.
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