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S.S. Test Making

Making a test for my S.S. Class

What is imperialism? When one nation extends its control to another nation.
What two forces fueled the rise of imperialism? Nationalism and Industrialism
Why did European nations begin searching for a new place to colonize? They needed markets to sell all the goods of their factories and to trade with other nations to obtain goods aswell cashcrops.
What were the ways Imperial nations ruled foreign people? Direct Rule and Indirect Rule.
Why were Europeans interested in taking over lands in the Asian mainland? They wanted to grow cash crops and they wanted raw materials.
What European nation led the way into southeast Asia? Great Britan led the way into southeast Asia.
What did Thomas Stamford Raffles do? He founded Singapore and the colony on the south tip of the Malay Peninsula.
What areas of southeast Asia did Great Britain control? Great Britain controlled Singapore and the Burma Malay Peninsula.
What nation did France declare as a protectorate? Their protectorate was Vietnam.
What is the East India Company? A British owned trading company that came to India in the 1600’s.
What did Captain James Cook do? He claimed the continent of Australia for Great Britain.
What was the continent of Australia first used for? It was a British prison.
What was the Scramble for Africa? European nations decided to divide the continent of Africa and take control of all its natural resources.
What was the Berlin Conference? A conference held in Berlin to discuss how to divide Africa up between the European nations.
What did Ferdinand de Lesseps accomplish? He signed a contract with Egypt to build a canal connecting the Mediterranean and Red Seas.
What nations were involved of the building and control of the canal from 1856 – 1911? Ottoman Empire, Egypt, France, Great Britain.
What were the two African nations that was free of European control? Liberia and Ethiopia.
Created by: 00011833
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