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Chapter 6 Section 3

1775-1783 Struggles in the Middle States

Washington was captured in the Battle of Long Island False: Washington only had to retreat
Washington was forced to ferry his soldiers to shore b/c he had no Navy True
Through the spring Washington fought a series of battles with Howe's army False: it was in autombe
Through the course of the fall, Washington was forced to cross the Hudson into New Jersey and the Delaware into Pennsylvania True
Nathan Hale was a spy for the British who was hanged by Washington False: he was a spy for the patriots and was hung by Howe
Due to a high moral Washington organized a surprise attack on the Hessians at Trenton False: due to low moral
On Christmas Eve Washington lead his troops across the Delaware and surprised the Hessians on Christmas Day False: christmas day he led, the 26th he attacked
The continental army took all of the Hessians at Trenton prisoners. True
General Cornwallis of the British army set out to recapture Trenton and on January 2, 1777, found and captured Washington and his troops False: they did not try to capture on the 2nd, but on the 3rd
Washington left his fires burning and looped around Cornwallis launching a surprise attack on the surprisers at Princeton True
General Burgoyne wanted three British armies (lead by St. Leger, Burgoyne, and Howe) to corner the Patriots in Albany, NY True
St. Leger and Burgoyne met up in Albany but were to slow for the Patriots False: the only one who made it to Albany was Burgoyne
Burgoyne successfully recaptured Ticonderoga but was beaten back at Saratoga and surrendered his entire army to the patriots True
Due to the Battle of Saratoga France was now on the side of the British False: France came to the Patriot cause
France, the Netherlands, and Spain were the first countries to become allies to the young nation True
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