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Chapter 6 Section 1

revolutionary war 1775-1783 fighting begins in the north

After the battles at Lexington & Concord, 10,000-15,000 militia rushed to what city? Boston
What did the Olive Branch Petition contain? a declaration of the colonists loyalty and a plea to remove the intolerable acts
What act caused King George III to order 20,000 more troops to the colonies? The Olive Branch Petition
The Green Mountain Boys captured Fort Ticonderoga and gained many much-needed supplies. Who were they led by? Ethan Allen
At which Continental Congress was it decided that the colonists needed an army and determine that George Washington would be its commander? At the Secon Contenental Congress
Loyalist and Tories were names for people who believed what? That the colonies should remain loyal to the King
What were some supplies that the Continental Army lacked? Cannons, a navy, and gunpowder
What were some aspects of colonial life that helped the colonists defeat the British? Farming being the main way of life, farmers were determine to protect there farms and homes. Hunting was also important in colonial life so many colonists owned guns and were good shots
What was the main problem for the British in the early days of the war? The fact that they were 3,000 miles from home and it took weeks to get supplies and messages from England
What were the most regular occupations of loyalists? Wealthy merchants and former or present government officials
Where was much of the revolutionary drama illuminating from? Boston
Where was the battle of bunker hill? Breeds Hill
Who was the Patriot general at Bunker Hill and what is his most famous quote? Prescott and "Don't fire 'til you see the whites of their eyes!"
What caused the British to leave Boston? Washington and his troops were camped overlooking Boston called Dorchester Heights and the cannons from Fort Ticonderoga arrived on the scene. Gen. Howe saw the cannons and left Boston
Created by: lablover