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Cold War Vocabulary

Brinkmanship The practice of threatening an enemy with massive military retaliation for an aggression.
Containment The policy of restricting communism within its existing borders.
Massive Retaliation John Foster Dulles created this type foreign policy belief.
Marshall Plan The offer by the US to help all European countries rebuild after WWII so they could become trading partners with the US.
Arms Race The competition between the US and the USSR for the greatest military strength.
Cold War The name for the time period of conflict and friction between the US and USSR after WWII.
NATO Responding to Soviet threat, the US and other western nations formed a peacetime military alliance requiring all signatories to join the struggle if an of them came under attack.
HUAC Congressional committee that investigated communist influence inside and outside the US Government.
Iron Curtain Used by Winston Churchill to describe the separation of communist and non-communist countries in Europe.
Berlin crisis In response to Containment Russia orders blockade (starve allies). First Major crisis of Cold War
“Proxy war” Proxy war or proxy warfare is a war that results when opposing powers use third parties as substitutes for fighting each other directly. First one of Cold War was Korea
Hollywood Ten When Hollywood producers and writers were called to testify, this group of people refused to answer questions about their own political beliefs and those of their colleagues, they were sent to jail for contempt
Created by: PLHShistory


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