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Vocabulary CD

capital money available for investment
Christianity monotheistic religion that emerged during the first century
Civil Disobedience refusal to obey laws that are considered to be unjust
Civilization a complex culture in which large numbers of people that share basic elements such as social structure, religion and art
Cold War the period of political tension following WWII and ending with the fall of communism in the Soviet Union at the end of the 1980's
collaborator a person who assists the enemy
collective bargaining the right of unions to negotiate with employers over wages and hours
collectivization a system in which private farms are eliminated and peasants work land owned by the government
commodity a marketable product
common law a uniform system of laws developed in England based on court decisions and on customs and usage rather than on written law codes; replaces law codes that varied from place to place
commonwealth a republic
commune in China during the 1950's a group of collective farms each of which contained more than 30,000 people who lived and worked together
concentration camp a camp where prisoners of war were became political prisoners, or members of minority groups are confined, typically under harsh conditions
concession political compromise
Confucianism the system of Political and ethical ideals formulated by the Chinese philosopher Confucius toward the end of the Zhow dynasty; it was intended to help restore order to a society that was in a state of confusion
deterrence security policy which holds that if two sides in a political conflict have huge arsenals of nuclear weapons, war can be prevented
dictatorship a form of government in which a person or small group has absolute power
direct democracy a system of government in which the people participate directly in government decision making through mass meetings
direct rule colonial government in which local eliltes are removed from power and replaced by a new set of officials brought from the mother country
discrimination prejudice usually biased on race, religion, class, sex, or age
dissident a person who speaks out against the regime in power
destalinization process of eliminating Stalin's more ruthless policies
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