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HIS 103 Timeline 1

US History Timeline 30,000BC-1769

30,000-20,000 Indians enter North America
2,000-1500 Agriculture in North America
1001 Vikings in Vinland
1492 Voyage of Columbus
1497 Cabot explores North America
1517 Martin Luther's protest sparks reform in Germany
1519-1521 Cortes defeats the Aztecs
1540 Coronado explores southwest for Spain
1607 Jamestown (Virginia) founded
1613 New York founded
1616-1618 Plague destroys Native population
1619 First Blacks in America First House of Burgesses established
1623-1664 Colonies established (NH, MA, MD, RI, DE, NC, SC, NJ)
1636 Harvard Established
1660-1673 Navigation Acts passed by Britain
1675 King Phillip's War
1676 Bacon's Rebellion
1681 Pennsylvania established
1692 Salem Witch Trials
1711 White Pines Act
1718 Transportation Act
1732 Hat and Felt Act
1733 Georgia founded
1750 Iron Act
1754 Albany Congress convened by colonists French and Indian War begins
1760 George III becomes King of Great Britain
1763 End of the French and Indian War Proclamation Line established
1769 California Missions
Created by: arianaflores