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For history test on 1-29-14

Polytheism belief in many gods
Vedas old religious texts
Brahmanism Religion based on rituals and priests
Guru person who left their home and went to live in the forest to practice, think and talk about their religion
Upanishads gurus ideas in writing
Ramayana&Mahabharata poems about religious stories in history
Brahman Brahmanisms god with many sides/faces/meanings/personalities, the source of all things
Dharma a persons duty, or what is right for him or her
Karma the effect of a persons actions in this and previous lives
Samsara/reincarnation the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth (based on karma)
Buddah someone who achieved enlightenment
Ascetic religious person who gives up everything to seek enlightenment
Meditate to dwell on anything on anything in thought
Nirvana state of perfect peace and end to suffering
4 noble truths the way of buddah
Eightfold path 8 steps for elimination suffering
How are religion and culture different? culture is what influences you to believe and practice a certain religion (mostly)
How are religion and culture Religion and culture are both what you believe is right and what you do in your daily life
How are dharma, karma, samsara and moksha connected or related according to Hindu beliefs? they are all related and have something to do with karma, good, or bad
How did Hinduism develop from Brahmanism?
What features of Hinduism helped it to spread? Trade with other countries, population fluctuation,
Created by: GabiLabi