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History Chapter 5

"Hansel and Gretel" Folktale
A Type of story Christ used to teach a lesson Parable
He made little bags from deerskin and filled each bag with apple seeds. He gave a bag to every wagon that passed his farm. Soon everyone was talking about that kind man, "Johnny Appleseed," who gave apple seeds away. Legend
Talk tales were heard first only in America
Paul Bunyan had so many men in his camp that one of his bunkhouses, the bunk beds rose in the air thirty -seven beds high. Tall Tale
The main characters in a fable Animals
"The Sower" (Matthew 13:3-9), "The Prodigal Son" (Luke 15:11-32) Parable
Stories that tell outright lies Tall Tale
Bear Chief flew between the poles. The Birds had won the Game, and the Animals had never even touched the ball. Fable
Two of the first people to think of collecting stories in books were brother named Jakob and Wilhelm... Grimm
A shepherd who has 99 sheep but loses one will search for the lost lamb. Parable
Who cared a lot about planting apple seeds? Johnny Appleseed
"Sleeping Beauty" Folktale
Fox said to the Crow, "Thank you, Mistress Crow, but here's some advice for you. Never trust a flatterer." Fable
He stood taller than all the trees. His legs and arms were a big around as oak trees. His hands were as big as shovels. Tall tale
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