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How did people adapt to the Arabian desert? They traded, herded, and moved from place to place
How did people adapt to the oasis? They traded and settled there
people who moved from place to place nomads
groups of people related to each other clans
why was the Arabian peninsula well suited to trade? it connected three continents
Muhammad founder of islam
monotheism belief in one god
5 pillars faith, prayer, charity, fasting, and pilgrimage
how did the Umayyads unify the empire? language, money, and pilgrimage
advancements in the abbasid dynasty numbers, medicine, house of wisdom
standing army always controls empire
battle of tours the abbasids were defeated by the franks
al antulus and cordoba-leading cities paved streets and rich economy
savannah grassland with scattered trees
why rivers were important, name main river water, fertile land, trade and transporation
wealthy kings taxing trade
salt-gold trade salt was needed in west, gold wanted in north
mansa musa voyage to show off, attract scholars
griot African storyteller
kinship to kingdom urbanization
religion of Berbers Islam
Islam's influence leaders converted to Islam, spread Arabic
Mali capital Timbuktu
large African desert Sahara
Traded to Kongo from Portugal guns, horses and manufactured goods for slaves
King Afonso cut off trade from portugal
Country bordering China to the north Mongolia
Why did China trade by sea? land was harder to get through
types of people in the beureaucracy aristocrats, scholars, foreigners
civil service exam test scholars had to be in the beureaucracy
China's discoveries in middle ages gunpowder, compass, paper money
why did China use paper money? limitless supply; lighter
population of China growing new rice, better farming
why were the Mongols able to conquer China? They were nomadic
Why did Kublai Khan appoint foreigners? so the Chinese did not have too much power
Ming dynasty-why was it powerful? Great wall, forbidden city
causes for fall of roman empire invasions, weak rulers, empire split
Leader and tribe that conquered Rome in 486 Clovis (franks)
eastern Roman empire Byzantine
split in christian churches schism
leader in the Roman catholic church pope
Catholic pyramid Pope, cardinals, bishops, priests, monks/nuns
reasons for powerful Catholic church united Europe, peace, key to afterlife, pope had more power than king
King of Franks that unified western Europe Charlemagne
Group from Scandinavia that terrorized Europe for 3 centuries vikings
Feudal pyramid king, nobles, knights, peasants
Why did people fight in crusades? to get back holy land
Black death deadly plague that ran through Europe and central asia
Rebirth Renaissance
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