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History Day Quiz

Core O

UserName Password gorams lasalle Library
when searching, always use...... advanced search library
bibliographic info is where on a database item? bottom or e-tools library
some e-tools are... print, email, share, save, cite library
e-tools are found...... top or side of page library
formats of databases are.... PDF, HTML, or Full Text library
types of sources found in databases are........ images, primary sources, newspapers, magazines, peer-reviewed, academic journal, video, book library
searching a database.... small amount of great sources, items picked by scholars, usually costs money, use advanced search, "" for phrases, offer bibliographies library
searching a website.... free, find too many sources that are mostly bad, use "" for phrases, use advanced search,no bibliographies library
General Requirements process paper, annotated bibliography, project, title page Rule Book: History Day
Process Paper 500 word limit, 4 categories: Topic, Research, Made Project, Theme Rule Book: History Day
Title Page 4 copies, Title, Name(s), division: Junior, Project type, typed page Rule Book: History Day
Theme rights and responsibilities in history Rule Book: History Day
specific rules for website Rule Book: History Day
website word limit 1,200 Rule Book: History Day
website size limit no more than 100mb Rule Book: History Day
website home page must have names of participants, entry title, division, and the main menu that directs viewers to the various sections of the site. Rule Book: History Day
multimedia can be no longer than 45 seconds Rule Book: History Day
must have.. stable content Rule Book: History Day
must be viewable Rule Book: History Day
must be submitted... before deadline Rule Book: History Day
punctuation- period at end of each piece Bibliography
Format? MLA Bibliography
titles need to be... in italics or underlined if writing Bibliography
entries in.. alpha order by first letter Bibliography
bibliography is title, centered, on top Bibliography
spacing? 1.5 in entry, 2 in between Bibliography
second line needs to be... indented with 5 spaces Bibliography
a tool you can use for bibliographies is.. easbib Bibliography
bibliography must be.. on website/attatched to it Rule Book: History Day
Created by: smurthy19