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World War II Vocab

Adolf Hitler Austrian Born Leader of the Nazi party. His aggressive foreign policy is recognized as the cause of World War II and the genocide of millions of people he seen as racially inferior
Appeasement Accepting demands in order to avoid conflict.
Neutrality Acts Passed by congress, these acts prohibited Americans from traveling on ships of nations at war, or selling arms to nations at war
Flying Tigers Volunteer American flyers supplying China with war materials.
Pearl Harbor On December 7,1941, Japanese planes launched a surprise attach on the U.S. fleet at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. The next day FDR declared war on Japan.
Rationing The giving out of scarce items on a limited basis.
Victory Gardens Many Americans planted these to grow their own fruits and vegetable, leaving more for troops.
Tuskegee Airman A African-American fighter group in the air corps. Their main job was to provide escorts for pilots on bombing missions.
Executive Order 9066 Issued by FDR, this order permitted military commanders to require Japanese Americans to relocate to interior interment camps away from the west coast.
George Patton The Popular U.S. commander of the American third army. One of the commander of the forces that invaded north Africa and Sicily. Could be very harsh to his troops, but well respected
Dwight Eisenhower Commander of the allied troops at Normandy Beach on D-Day.
Holocaust A word that describes the attempted genocide of the Jews during World War II Also Known as the "Final Solution".
Navajo Code Talkers The name given to the code breakers in the Ameria
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