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CH 12 Quiz Review

General Santa Anna Mexican dictator who led forces against Americans
Gadsden Purchase 10 million purchase of land which gave the USA its present day border in Arizona and New Mexico 1853
Treaty of Gaudalupe Hildago ended Mexican American War USA purchased Mexican Cession for 10 million Promised to treat Mexicans fairly
Mexican Cession Area USA bought from Mexico after Mexican American War California, New Mexico, Arizona, parts of Utah, Colorado, and Nevada 15 million
Oregon Trail 2000 mile journey that began in Independence, MO through the Great Plains, over the South Pass of the Rocky Mountains ending in Oregon Country
Santa Fe Trail lead settlers to the Southwest of USA where merchants sold goods for a large profit
Joseph Smith Created the Mormon Church and began leading them West before he was murdered by a mob in Illinois
Brigham Young Lead the Mormons to Salt Lake City Utah where they setup The Deseret largest single migration in US history
49ers gold seekers who went to california to find gold
"Fifty-four forty or fight" James K. Polk's Democratic Campaign Slogan for the 1844 Presidential Election on the topic Oregon Border
Rio Grande River Border between USA and Mexico set by the Treaty of Guadalupe Hildago
49th latitude border set by the USA and Great Britain for Oregon
annex to add a territory
decree an order or decision given by one in authority
Manifest Destiny the idea popular in the USA during the 1800s that the country must expand its boundaries to the Pacific Ocean
Mountain Man a frontiersman living in the wilderness, as in the Rocky Mountains
Texas Rebellion 1835 Texans fought against the Mexican army in order to gain their independence
Battle of Alamo Battle in the Texas rebellion that became a battle cry for future battles and inspired Texans
Stephen Austin led settlers into Texas
What did mexico claim as the Mexican/ American border? Nueces River
How did the development of fur trade in Oregon help settle this area? Mountain men acted as guides to help the settlers coming to Oregon.
Causes of Mexican American War Border issues & Acquiring land
Irish Immigrants left because of a potato famine
German Immigrants left because of a revolution in the country
Chinese Immigrants left because of hearing about the Gold Rush
Push factors are reasons that encourage a person to leave a particular place.
Pull factors are reasons that encourage a person to relocate in a new place.
Know Nothing Party a political party who called for a cut in immigration and a 21 year wait to become a US citizen
Mechanical Reaper Allowed for grain to be harvest faster and more efficiently Cyrus McCormick
Steamboat Robert Fulton
Tom Thumb 1st locomotive led to future inventions
John Deere invented the Steel Tip Plow
Nativist a person who favors those born in his country and is opposed to immigrants
Created by: kguilmino225