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2nd Sem

Chp. 8 Test Notes

What act made it a crime to criticize the government? Sedition
Who wrote the Virginia Resolution? James Madison
Who was the dictator of France in 1800? Napoleon
Who won the 1800 election? Thomas Jefferson
What did Jefferson say was the first principal of democracy? majority rule
Which Supreme Court case allowed them to pronounce laws unconstitutional? Marbury vs. Madison
A ___ is the payment the Americans paid the pirates to not attack them. tribute
Who did we buy the LA Purchase from? France
What party died when Alexander Hamilton died? Federalist
Who was the first black to cross the country? York
Who was suppose to search up the MS River, but traveled up the Arkansas River? Pike
Who was the famous Indian that traveled and explored with Lewis and Clark? Sacajawea
What act band foreign trade? The Embargo
Who impressed sailors? The Royal Navy
What removed restrictions on trade? Macon's Bill #2
What does the 1st Amendment guarantee? Freedom of Speech
What did the Convention of 1800 accomplish? It released us from the treaty with France.
Which Amendment came from the Election of 1800? 12th Amendment
Steven set fire to what American ship? The Philadelphia
How much did the LA Purchase cost? 15 million
How did Alexander Hamilton die? During a duel with Aaron Burr
Who led the expedition threw the LA Purchase? Marywether Lewis
The ridge of the Rocky Mountains that separates the streams that flow east into the MS Valley from those that flow west to the Pacific Ocean is the ___. Continental Divide
What was impressing? When the Royal Navy forced people off the streets into the Royal Navy. They were not supposed to take American soldiers, but made mistakes.
The act in which Congress repeals the Embargo Act and opens the trade with all foreign countries except Britain and France Non-Intercourse Act
Why was Jefferson against the Sedition Acts? The Sedition Acts made it a crime to criticize the government. Jefferson found the act to be unconstitutional because it went against Freedom of Speech.
What directions did Jefferson give to Lewis and Clark or exploring the LA Purchase? Document the climate, animals, and plants. Map the rivers. Make notes on the Indians. Bring back bones of endangered or extinct animals and animal specimens.
Describe the diverse crew on the expedition. There were interpreters, carpenters, a gun repairman, 21 army men, and a black man (slave).
Describe the significance of Sacajawea. She was a very smart and important interpreter on the expedition. She helped make deals with the Shoshone Indians because she was the chief's sister.
What were Lewis and Clark's major achievements? They discovered and saw many new plants and animals on the expedition. The discovered the true course of the MS River and proved the continent was wider than everybody thought. They mapped passes threw the Rockies and discovered many Indian tribes.
Why would Jefferson not build up the navy? He was cheap.
How did the Embargo effect the economy? It hurt the economy, caused unemployment, and shipbuilding came to a standstill.
What problems did the Americans face with the British after Macon's Bill #2? Impressing was a big problem with the British.
Created by: rachelebrady