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chapter 5 + 6 s.s

Stamp Act 1764 tax on molasses, coffee and indigo
Quatering Act 1765 British troops can stay in colonial homes colonisits supply them with food,bedding,and candels
"No taxation without representation" 1765 colonists rebel bc they were not represented in parliament riots in cities, fires, effigy
boston tea party Dec. 16, 1773 members of sons and daughters of liberty dress as indians and dump containers of tea into the Boston Harbor
Intolerable Acts punish mass. for the tea party close down ports in boston no more town meetings br. officials have trials in england, revise quatering act.
sons of liberty men who were extreme rebels of the british, caused many riots, sam and john adams included
Sam adams great leader, stood strongly against British law, from mass.
John Adams believes in law, but is also against british law
boycott stop buying goods
midnight ride- april 1775 paul revere + 2 others send of word of british movement. - use lanterns to hint if the british are coming by land or sea
paul revere main rider in the midnight ride who warned everyone of the british attack on lexington and concord
lexington and concord - first fight with british and colonial minutemen
french and indian war - war between indians for ohio river valley land. treaty of paris 1763 ended war. proclomation of 1763 was passed to keep colonists from moving into the ohio river valley land which they won
continental congress delegates from 12 colonies goals: continue boycott, stop importing/exporting, set up militia
Created by: dflynn20