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History Midterm


significance of skyscrapers more people in a given space, growing cities, steel frame and elevator
Elisha Otis inventor of elevator safety break
Alfred Thayer Mahan author, leader in the navy, believed america needed a strong navy to be a world power, influenced McKinley and Roosevelt (great white fleet)
Imperialist motives military strategy, resources, markets, spread religion, spread political ideology
William McKinley prez during Spanish American War, DeLome letter, pushed into war
George Dewey admiral of navy, fire first shots of s.a. war, sinks Spanish fleet at Manila Bay
Emilio Aguinaldo Filipino rebel, revolted against Spanish
Rough Riders Roosevelt's volunteer cavalry, helped take Kettle Hill
William Randolph Hearst and Joseph Pulitzer editors of yellow journalist papers
Treaty of paris 1898 - ended the sp. am. war, gave us Puerto Rico, Guam, we bought Philippines
progressives fight for positive change
Jacob Riis How The Other Half Lives, book, photographer, exposed conditions of poverty
17th amendment people get to directly elect senators
Recall americans have the right to remove an elected official during term
Initiative allows for people to introduce legislation not just house of reps and senators
Referendum peoples right to vote on particular issues
temperance movement movement to end the sale of alcohol
susan b anthony fought for women's suffrage
square deal solve social problems, regulate business, promote conservation, regulate railroads
roosevelt corollary addition to monroe doctrine - US would act as the policeman of the western hemisphere
wwi years 1914-1918
Austria-Hungary where WWI began, heir to throne is assassinated
central powers Austria-Hungary, Germany, Ottoman Empire, Bulgaria
Triple Entente Great Britain, Frane, Russia
Militarism/alliances/imperialism/nationalism Germany building up its army, countries were imperialist nations, big nations wanted small ones and small ones wanted independence, countries were forming alliances
Archduke Franz Ferdinand heir to throne, assassinated, spark that began war
Kaiser Wilhelm II Leader of germany during WWI
Lusitania british ship carrying weapons, sank by german U-Boat, 120 Americans died
Woodrow Wilson Prez during WWI, wanted to stay out of war
Espionage and Sedition act Laws made it illegal to get in the way of war effort, people were fined/jailed
John J Pershing leader of Am forces in Europe, refused to let American forces to fight under European command
American expidentionary force an army in europe during WWI
Stalemate neither side advanced very far
doughboys nickname given to AEF
the 369th Harlem Hellfighters - African Am Regime earned Croix de Guerre
armistice agreement to put down weapons nov 11 11:00
buying on margin put down 10% with a promise to pay the rest later
inflation of stock prices companies were claiming they were worth more than they actually were
black tuesday october 29th 1929 - stocks lost 23% of their value, symbolic beginning of the great depression
herbert hoover/great depression reconstruction finance corps, raised top tax bracket, public works, smoot-hawley tariff
aaa Agricultural Adjustment Act
tva Tennessee Valley Authority
ccc Civilian Conservation Corps
nra National Recovery Administration
wpa Works Progress Administration
fdic Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
Created by: lieren13e