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TX History

Chapter 1

geography the study of the spatial aspects of earth and the people who live on it
enviornment surroundings that include physical
location the position of a place on the earth's surface
absolute location the exact positition of a place on earth's surface expressed in latitide and longitude
relative location the location of a palace in relation to other places
place a geographic location, usualloy a town of city, and its physical and human characeristics
region an area that is unified y one or more common characteristics
human-enviornment interaction how people use, adapt to or change their surroundings and how the physical enviornment often affects human
movement people interacting across the globe- includes migration, tansportation, and trade
plain a landform that generally is level
barrier island an island that protects the main body of land from ocean waves
escarpment a steep cliff
fault a weak place in the earth's crust
plateau a broad, level landform that hs steep cliffs- called escarpments- on at least one side and higher elevation than the surrounding land
aquifer an underground water reservoir
savanna grassland with scattered trees and drought-resistant undergrowth
grassland an area where the natural vegetation is grass
middle latitude the area approximately midway between the Equator and the North Pole or South Pole
norther icy wind that blows in quickly
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