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Unit 7 L. Amer TEST

Label the maps and questions GEO test

How does geography play a role in Mexico's air pollution problem? Mexico lies in a valley, surrounded by mountains, that traps in air pollutants over the city.
What is a major source of income for both Mexico? oil
What does the word arable mean? ARABLE land is land that can be farmed
What are the two primary languages of Latin America? Spanish and Portuguese
Which countries make up Latin America? Central, South America, and the Caribbean
The Panama Canal was built to provide a shortcut for trade
The higher the literacy rate, the ___ the Standard of living higher
Which body of water are Haiti and Cuba found? Caribbean Sea
Brazil's language is primarily __ Portuguese
Most of Latin America cultures are a mix of European and _____ and _____ Native American and African
Which areas have the highest population densities in Latin America? the coast (coastal areas)
What is Brazil's environmental concern? Deforestation of the Amazon Rainforest
Where is the Amazon Rain forest located mainly? The Amazon Rainforest is located mainly in Brazil
Why are Spanish and Portuguese the main languages of Latin America? The Spanish and Portuguese colonized Latin America
What is the most widely practiced religion of Latin America? Catholic
What was the biggest challenge in building the Panama Canal? diseases like malaria and yellow fever
What is synonym for native? indigenous
Which body of water lies west of the Andes Mountains? the Pacific Ocean
What makes Mexico's location such an ideal place for trade? It is located between 2 bodies of water = easy shipping. It has 42 sea ports!
Why do most of Mexico's people live in Central Mexico? arable land (for growing crops) and manufacturing (jobs)
Created by: ssha13
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