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End of the Great War

Who are the Central Powers? Germany, Austria-Hungary, Ottoman Empire (Turkey), Bulgaria
Who are the Allies? Great Britain, France, Italy, US
when did the armistice (cease fire) happen? 11am on November (11th month), 11th day, 1918
Who is known as the Big Four? Allies
Who is the Representative of the US? Wilson
Why is this unusual? the first time that a sitting President (in office) leaves the country to oversea a peace treaty.
What is goals of everyone but Wilson? to punish Germany and to make Germany pay for the war.
Wilson's plan for peace; very intellectual and liberal in his thinking Fourteen Points
The fourteenth point, most important in the US because nations band together for collective security. League of Nations
Wilson's other point explaining that everyone has the right to trade and sail around the seas. Freedom of the Seas
Who was Wilson' plan rejected by? The Senate
The actual name for the treaty is...? Treaty of Versailles
A group of Republicans will never ratify the treaty Irreconcilables
Republicans who will vote with minor changes Mild reservationists
Republicans who will vote with major changes Strong reservationists
Germany had to accept what for starting the war? What is this called? blame; Clause 231
Germany had to pay how much for the damages caused during the war? 6,000 million pounds
What was Germany forbidden to have on air force? submarines
Where were Germany's territories lost and what were they given to? lost territory in Europe; colonies were given to Britain and France
What other thing that Germany was forbidden to join? forbidden to join to the League of Nations or unite with Austria.
What are the Great War dates? 1914-1918
Created by: taymoore23