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The Roaring Twenties

President Harding 29 president
Tea Pot Dome scandal involving Albert Fall
President Coolidge 30 president
Lassez-faire leaving business unregulated
Isolationist foreign affairs
Kellogg-Briand Pact nations agreed to refrain from war
Assembly Line assembling a product whereby workers
Installment Plan buying on credit
Henery Ford 29 president
Ohio Gang hardings corrupt friends
Prohibition action of forbidding something
Fundamentalism not wanting evolution
evolution the word of the bible
Louis Armstrong a musitcion who played the trumpet
Charles A. Lindberg first person to fly nonstop across the atlantic
F. Scott Fitzgerald jazz age
Helen Wills woman tennis player
Duke Ellington jazz pianist
Langston Hughes famous writer
Charle Chaplin popular movie star
Gertrude Ederle first woman to to swim the English Channle
Amelia Earhart fist woman to fly nonstop across the atlantic
Babe Ruth famous baseball outfeilder
Ernest Hemmingway famous author
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