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Ch 8 Test

Who developed the Virginia Plan? James Madison
Justices of the Supreme Court listen to legal arguments about a case and then present and explain a decision called The Court's opinion
What are the term limits for Senators and state representatives? unlimited
The Constitution is based on how many key principles? Seven
The system set up to maintain a balance of power between the three branches of government is called Checks and Balances
Which amendment provides protection for people accused of crimes? Fifth
The process of changing the Constitution is started by Congress
Why was the Bill of Rights introduced? To protect personal liberties
The Executive Branch executes the laws
How often are the share of seats in the House of Representatives reassigned? 10 years
What are the First words of the Constitution? We the People
Popular sovereignty People are the source of governments powers
Concurrent Powers Powers shared by the federal and state government.
Enumerated Powers Powers specifically to Congress
Implied Powers Powers claimed by Congress but not directly stated in the Constitution
Reserved Powers Powers that belong to the state alone
Veto Power Checks the power of Congress
Created by: mccrears