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US His 10

Government in which a single party or leader maintains strict control-represses the population Totalitarianism
Russian leader, "The Great Terror" Joseph Stalin
Italian leader founded the Facist Party Benito Mussolini
German dictator, head of Nazi party-wanted to unify all Germanic people into one state Adolf Hitler
Prejudiced against Jewish people Antisemitic
Granting concessions Appeasement
What did Italy and Japan expect to receive in exchange for their sacrifices during WWI? Land
This political party rose to power in Germany during the 30"s. Nazi's
Ways Mussolini used to maintain power in Italy Threaten population
This organization hand no standing army and no real power The League of Nations
Britian, France, and eventually many other nations Allies
This had a cash-and-carry provision Neutrality Act of 1939
Agreement between Germany, Italy, and Japan ensuring they would stand and fight together Tipartite Pact
Allowed President Roosevelt to provide any type of economic aid to the allies Lend-Lease Act
Used their militaries to invade and control other countries Axix Powers
Encouraged national self-determination and strengthened the alliance between Britian and the US Atlantic Charter
To increase economic support for Britian Purpose of Roosevelt's "Four Freedoms"speech
Believed providing aid to Britian would keep U.S. our of the war Interventionists
U.S. naval base in Pacific Pearl Harbor
Japanese prime minister Hideki Tojo
Relocation of American and Filipino Prisoners of war by Japanese Bataan Death March
Corps of women who provided support services to U.S. Army WAC
Commander of U.S. forces in Asia Douglas MacArthur
Battle that forced Japan to give up New Guinea Battle of Coral Sea
Why did the Japanese attack Pearl Harbor? To destroy US ships and planes that threatened there desire to expand their empire by taking over new territory
Which ships were not at Pearl Harbor when the Japanese attacked? The aircraft carriers
When the US declared war on Japan, the US gov. took over big industries. Why? To produce goods, such as guns, amunition, parachutes, canned food, for the war.
What happened to the economy of the US when war was declared? It improved, because factories needed workers to make goods for the war; more people were employed which put more money into the economy.
Blitzkreig "lightening war"
Prime Minister during WWII Winston Churchill
Germany's peaceful union with Austria Anschluss
Signed by Germany, Italy, and Japan declaring they would come to the aid of each other Tripartite Pact
Army auxiliary corp for women WAC - Women's Army Corp
WWII General who planned and executed a surprise attack on America on Dec. 7, 1941. Hideki Tojo
WWII general of US Army forces in Asia Douglas MacArthur
Why did the German people believe in Hitler's Nazi Party promises? They lost much during the Great Depression and were looking for a leader to guide them to a better way of life
What did Japan do to recover from the Great Depression? They took control of resource of other countries
What was used by France, Great Britian, and the US to encourage Germany to be a peaceful nation. The appeasement policy; it didn't work. Germany took advantage of the other countries not coming to the aid of Germany's neighbor countries. Germany took control of some of them to control their resources.
This allowed nations at war to buy supplies as long as they paid cash and moved the supplies themselves. The Neutrality Act of 1939
Interventionists wanted the US to do this to avoid getting involved in WWII. Send aid to Britian.
This action by the US was seen as an economic declaration of war against the Axis Powers. The Lend-Lease Act
WHy did Pres. Toosevelt put an embargo on Naval and avaition supplies in 1940? He hoped to stop the expansion of the Japanese empire
This newly created division of the government supervised the use of industry resources for the war effort Office of War Mobilization
What happened on the Bataan Peninsula during WWII? 75,000 sick malnuorished Allied prisoners of war were forced by the Japanese to march 55 miles up the Bataan Peninsula to a train which took them inland. Then they were forced to march 8 more miles. More than 7,000 of them died on the journey.
Germany,Italy, Japan Axis Powers
Great Britian, France, US, Soviet Union Allied Powers
National Socialist German Workers' Party Nazi
Name of Hitler's book that he dictated in prison explaining the problems facing Germany Mein Kampf (My Struggle)
An interconnected series of fortresses along the French border with Belgium Maginot Line
Location where 338,000 British and French troops escaped over water to Britian Dunkirk
Operation Sea Lion Hitler's plan to invade Britian over water and through the air
A month long bombing of London, England by Hitler The Blitz
Made the B-24 Liberator planes in its factories Ford Motor Company
His ship yards produced large Liberty SHip for our Navy Henry J. Kaiser
This Naval vesel carried the planes and pilots toward Japan to launch a supprise attack on Japan. The Hornet
Name of pilot who lead the force of 16 B-25 bombers who's mission was to bomb Tokyo, Japan. Colonel James Doolittle
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