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Chapter 14

U.S History

American Liberty League Business leaders who opposed the New Deal
Emergency Relief Appropriation Act Provided close to 14.9 billion dollars to help the unemployed
Work Project Administration Employed more than 8.5 million people between 1935 & 1943
Federal Project One Employed actors, artists, Musicians & writers
Emergency Banking Act Allowed the government to examine bank records
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation created to protect bank accounts
Federal Emergency Relief Administration Provided money to the states to distribute directly to families
Civilian Conservation core provided jobs, particularly outdoor jobs to unmarried men ages 17 to 26.
National Industrial Recovery Act Attempt to start long term economic recovery by trying to suspend antitrust laws, eliminate unfair competition and prevent business failures
Public Work Administration built numerous projects for public use; like schools and roads
Tennessee Valley Authority Built dams to control flooding, reduced soil erosion, and produced hydroelectric power
Reconstruction Finance Corporation loaned money to business and banks to help keep them operating
Agriculture Marketing act ended some farm subsidies & established the Federal farm board
Federal Home loan bank act provided money to banks, financial institutions, and insurance companies so they could offer low-interest mortgages
Andrew Mellon Treasury Secretary that was slow to realize how bad the stock market crash hurt the US
Rexford Tugwell Professor that was a key figure in the Brain Trust
Frances Perkins Appointed by Roosevelt as secretary of the labor; she was the first female cabinet member
Roosevelt President that won the election of 1932 with his new deal
Father Charles Coughlin Created the union party to challenge franklin
Dr. Francis Townsend Proposed the Old Age Revolving Pension
Huey long Organized Share-our-Wealth plan and was shot 6 times
Eleanor Roosevelt First lady who spoke for equal rights for women and African Americans
Herbert Hoover President who was blamed for the great depression
Smooth-Hawley tariff raised u.s duties on imports to all-time highs and led to higher foreign tariffs
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