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GA Studies

county a subdivision of the state set up to carry out certain governmental functions; GA has 159 counties
municipality a city with its own government
mayor-council form form of municipal government where voters elect a mayor and a city council; mayors may be either "weak" or "strong"
council-manager form form of municipal government in which voters elect a city council, which hires a city manager responsible for the day-to-day operations of the city
commission form municipal government in which voter elect commissions, each of whom is the head of a department within city government
urban area defined a a city with a population over 2,500 or a city and its surrounding area with over 5,000 residents
rural area defined as a town or community of less than 2,500 people
ad valor-em taxes tax on real and personal property that is imposed on the property's fair market value
political party organized group of people who share common ideas and who seek to influence government policies and decisions by electing members of their party to government office
metropolitan area a central city of over 50,000 residents/city and its surrounding counties
interest group people who share common goals and objectives
lobbyist one who is paid to represent an interest group
general election election held in November in at least every even-number year to choose major federal and state official
citizenship denotes the rights and responsibilities of a natural-born
general local option sales tax countywide sales tax added onto and collected at the same time as the state base tax
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