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Rome Falls


Why was there a Lack In Technology in Rome? Fewer workers had to produce more goods to meet the demands of defending the empire.
Why was Geography a problem in Rome? The land was shaped like a doughnut so it took a lot of soldiers to protect it.
Why was there a Economic Decline? The army and the government kept growing and the economy could not support all of the imports it was receiving.
What happened to the growth of the government? The large government demanded more of the people and Gov. Officials became greedy/dishonest.
Why was there a decline in the work force? There was a high death rate, less slaves, and less soldiers.
Why was there a Military Defeat? The Roman army was not strong enough to defeat the barbarians.
Did Christianity fall with Rome? No it grew even bigger.
When did Rome Fall? Rome fell in AD 476.
Who is Alaric? He was the leader of the Visigoths.
Who is Tacitus? He was a roman historian who wrote about the barbarians.
Who is Orosius? He was a Christian Historian who talked about the invasion of Rome.
Who is Julian? He was one of the three nephews of Constantine and he became Emperor.
Who is Diocletian? He was an Emperor who ordered the persecution of Christians.
What were some reforms from Diocletian's "New Empire?" He told farmers/merchants to raise their prices, increased army, increased government, divided empire into regions, and raised taxes .
Who is Constantine? He was a former army leader who became a emperor and supported Christianity
Who is Saul? He was a very passionate Christian who was arrested and then killed.
What attracted the Gentiles to Paul's message? He taught that through accepting Jesus as Christ, the love of god and eternal life was open to all.
What helped Paul spread Christianity through out the Roman Empire? Good roads, the Roman world spoke Greek like him,the cities were filled with travelers who were willing to learn.
Who is Nero? He was the mean emperor who blamed the Christians for the massive fire that swept Rome .
Created by: kgreene10
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