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amer cult

the land bridge that once connected Siberia and Alaska is now what body of water? Bering strait
what is monotheism? the idea that there is only one god
Pennsylvania and Massachusetts were founded by two distinct religious groups. what were those groups and how did they differ? PA- Quakers religious tolerant MA- puritans religious intolerant
which colony was originally a dutch settlement and what was its name before being taken over by the English? New York
what was the mayflower compact and why was it created? A document to govern new colony fairly
who is Olauduh Equiano and what did he do? what is the middle passage?
what were some of the causes of the French and Indian war? who won the war? British is pushing into French and Indian land. British won.
Boston Massacre
Lexington and Concord first battle
Bunker hill first major battle. proves the Americans can stand up to British.
saratoga turning point. french helps.
Yorktown last major battle, treaty of Paris.
what was the historical significance of Danial Shays Rebellion? uprising of M.A. farmers.
Created by: quepaw2017