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American Cultures

Who is George Washington? A Army General who become the 1st president
What is a militia? An army of colonists/town folk
What is a Alliance? When two sides help out each other in a war or problem
Who was John Adams? The second president of the US
What were the Writs of Assistance? A written order issued by court instructing a law enforcement official
What is a boycott? Refusing to use public resources or buy goods
What is a petition? A document signed by people who want a certain deal solved
What is a monopoly? Complete control over a product
What is a mercenary? A person who takes part in an armed conflict
Who was Thomas Paine? The writer of "Common Sense"
Why do we celebrate Thanksgiving? Arrival of puritans
What was the first permanent settlement? Jamestown
What was originally a dutch settlement? New York
What is the body of water that is where a ice bridge use to be? Bering Sea
What is Monotheism? Belief that there is only one God
What is Polytheism? Belief that there are more than one God, several Gods
What was the name of Dutch's original settlement? New Netherlands
Why was the Mayflower Compact created? They didn't want to follow British rules
New England Colonies are... Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island
Middle Colonies are... New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware
Southern Colonies are... Maryland, Virginia, North and South Carolina, and Georgia
How did the Great Awakening affect the colonies? More churches were created and powered religions
How did Colonists get around the Navigation Acts? Smuggling
Why was John Peter Zenger taken to court? He printed articles criticizing the Governor
Who was the first president? George Washington
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