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BJU History 5 Ch 5

Study help for history test 5

What state was the location of the route traveled by Lewis & Clark? Oregon
What state was named by the Spanish explorer Ponce de Leon, searching for the Fountain of Youth? Florida
In what state was the battle of the Alamo? Texas
In what state did Marco de Niza search for the Seven Cities of Cibola that supposedly contained gold (National Treasure 2)? Arizona
In what state is Pearl Harbor, which was bombed 12/7/41 and started the US involvement in World War II? Hawaii
In what state did Daniel Boone lead pioneers through the Cumberland Gap on what he called the Wilderness Road? Kentucky
In what state did Eli Whitney invent the cotton gin? Georgia
In which state were the first shots of the Civil War fired? South Carolina
Which state is known for its Cajun population and French Quarter? Louisiana
Which state consists of Upper and Lower Peninsulas? Michigan
Write the name of the New World's first permanent English settlement, formed in Virginia in 1607. Jamestown
Write the name of the city in Illinois that was nearly destroyed by fire in 1871. Chicago
Write the place where Custer's Last Stand took place. Montana
What is the state usually associated with the Trail of Tears? Oklahoma
What is one other name Alaska has been called? Icebergia
In what region is Arizona? SW
In what region is Nevada? RM
In what region is Idaho? RM
In what region is Mississippi? SE
In what region is Indiana? MW
In what region is Hawaii? P
In what region is Georgia? SE
In what region is Rhode Island? NE
In what region is New York? NE
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