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History 16-1

militarism the strong buildup of armed forces to intimidate and threaten other nations
nationalism loyalty and devotion to a nation
emphasis a special importance given to an object or idea
propaganda the spreading or ideas about an institution or individual for the purpose of influencing opinion
erode to wear away at something until it disappears
contraband goods whose importation, exportation, or possession is illegal
How did Germany's use of unrestricted submarine warfare bring the US into WWI? It sunk ships without warning that came into Britain's waters, including a cruise ship the "Lusitania"
How did militarism contribute to the beginning of WWI? The countries of Europe started to make alliances. These alliances began building armies and navies to intimidate each other.
What are four factors that contributed to WWI? 1. assignation of Arch Duke Ferdinand. 2. militarism 3. alliances 4. imperialism and nationalism
What events motivated the US to join the war? The German U-Boats (submarines) sunk the Lusitania, which was a passenger ship carrying some US citizens.
How did British propaganda influence American public opinion? The British cut the transatlantic telegraph cable from Europe to the US. Most war news that came to the US was British reports only.
Created by: dschlueter