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SS Chapter 6

review for test

immigrant a person who comes into a country from another country because he or she wants to make a new home there
Iroquois Confederacy was formed to unite six different groups of people in place
longhouse rectangular buildings made from the wood and bark of elm trees
Sachems Iroguois council members that were chosen by powerful women from each group
New York City where millions of immigrants stayed after they had landed in our country.
Ellis Island the immigrants first stop. From 1892-1954 this island welcomed 17 million people to the United States.
tenements poorly built apartment buildings where most immigrants lived
sweatshops Clothing factories where immigrants worked. They were often rooms of tenements that were dark and airless. The pay was very low and they worked long hours.
Paul Revere warned the minutemen to arm themselves against British soldier
Patriots colonists who were opposed to British rule
Boston Tea Party colonists boarded British ships and dumped chests of tea into Boston Harbor
Crispus Attucks led the colonists in the Boston Massacre
Minutemen Patriots who were training to fight and promised to be ready at a minute's notice
American Revolution a war between Great Britain and the 13 colonies that lasted 6 years
George Washington was asked to lead the army in the American Revolution. He was also our first President.
rural of the countryside; including farms, small villages, or unsettled land
urban of the city
megalapolis a group of cities so close together that they can be thought of as one huge community
suburb a community just outside a city
metropolitan area a city and it suburbs together
commute to travel a distance each day from one's home to one's workplace
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