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What is the holy book and leader of religious services for Islam? Holy Book is Qu'ran and Imam was leader of religious services
What do Muslims believe about Muhammad? The last and greatest prophet
What is the one main difference between Sunnis and Shiites? How the caliph or leader is chosen
What division of Islam believes that only a relative of Muhammad is qualified to be the leader or caliph? Shiites
What does Islam mean? "to submit to god"
Where are the customs and laws of Islam such as business practices and marriage found? In the Shria
In the Islamic religion, there is no separation between ___________ and ___________ religion; government
The month of fasting from sunrise to sunset is... Ramahad
Muslim centers of learning can be best described as... places that made advancements in medicine, literature, math and science
In Muslim civilization, they are best known for developing this type of mathematics algebra
The belief in one god is called... monotheism
The holiest day of the year for someone who practices Judaism is Yom Kippur
What is the meaning behind the Christian holiday of Good Friday? It is a day to mourn about the crucification of Jesus
What was the body of law that was created for the Byzantine Empire called? Justinian's Code of Law
The great schism occurred because the dispute over what between the Roman Catholic Church and the Eastern Orthodox Church? icons
Which culture influenced the Seljuk culture the most? Persian culture
Byzantines and Mongols influenced the development of which civilization? Russia
The Seljuks converted into what religion? Islam
What title did Ivan III use? Czar
The capitol of the Byzantine Empire and the city of trade, linking Europe and Asia was... Constantinople
Resulting from Mongol rule over medieval Russia, Russian rulers continued the Mongol's use of... absolute rule/power
Who were the rulers of the Muslim Empire? The Abbasids
During the reign of Justinian, this building was intended to be the world's most beautiful church? Hagia Sophia
After the Great Schism, the Byzantine church became known as the... Eastern Orthodox Church
The main contribution that Byzantine Empire left behind for the world was the legacy of... Greek and Roman Knowledge
The very first settlement that became the center of early Russian civilization was the city of ______. Kiev
Describe the nature of a guild an association of people who worked at the same occupation
The central issue of the Hundred Years' War was The Throne of France
The purpose of the Reconquista was to drive Muslims out of Spain
What was the stake in the Battle of Hastings? whether the Normans or the Anglo-Saxons would rule England
The issue that led to both the Magna Carta and the establishment of Parliament was how to end taxation without representation
The three problems of lay investure, simony and the marriage of priests lead to what solution? a reform during the middle ages
What is not a characteristic of Gothic architecture? Very little light and rounded arches
The decisions of the English royal courts of justice created... english common law
What was the main effect of the Commercial Revolution? more money was available to build businesses
The major cause of the Great Schism was arguments about which man would be holding the position of... true pope
What did The Magna Carta guarantee? basic legal rights
What caused devastation which both disrupted and led to the collapse of Medieval Society? the bubonic plague
According to the code of chivalry, a knight fought for his heavenly lord, his feudal lord, and his lady
Who were the Germanic people who were in power in the Roman province of Gaul? The Franks
During the middle ages, who were the lowest-ranking member of the clergy? priests
The leader who brought and spread Christianity to the Franks was Clovis
What was the main job of a squire? To serve a knight
What were religious ceremonies that led to achieving salvation called? sacraments
Knights most commonly traded military service for land
When Pepin the Short became "king by the grace of God" this began the Carolingian Dynasty
People who were bound to the land of a lord and who could not lawfully leave the place they were born serf
The Treaty of Verdun resulted in the division of Charlemagne's empire into three parts
The era of European history between 500-1500 AD called the _____________ began with the decline of the western Roman Empire Middle Ages
From what region or country did the Vikings come in 500AD? Scandinavia
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