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A New Nation


The 3/5 compromise referred to the rate at which one slave counted toward congressional representation
shays rebellion reflected which of the following tensions in US society during the 1780s economic frustration of New England farmers who had trouble paying debts
the kentucky and virginia resolves, written by Jeffereson and Madison, involved the defense of states rights
The constitution designed the electoral college to insulate the presidency from the proper will
the northwest ordiance did which of the following established the terms for settllement and admission of new states
which was NOT a provision of the New Jersey Plan an excutive branch
federalist party support typically tended to come from new england bankers
The constitutional convention of 1787 did all of the following except determine provisions to be included in the bill of rights
what did the great compromise resolve representation in the legislature
what is an excise tax tax on goods produced for sale or sold within the country
which of the following was one of the accomplishments of Jay's Treaty it arranged for withdrawl of British troops from American soil
Created by: Imari Wright