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Ch.3 SS Study Guide

Where do they believe the first Native Americans came from? Asia
Why were the first Native Americans nomads? They followed herds of animals for food.
What did the Native Americans like about NJ? rich soil, fresh water, and dense forest
What made the Native Americans begin to settle in one area? agriculture
What is "culture"? Culture is a way of living.
The Lenape Indian group shared the same____________. culture
Even though they lived in ______________ regions, the ______________ shared the same culture. different; groups
Lenape chiefs were called _____________. sachems
Lenape chiefs made important _________________. decisions
Important decisions were made by sachems by including the villager's _________________. opinions
One Lenape chief who was admired was ____________ ________________. Chief Oratam
Lenape culture was centered around ____________. family
What is a clan? A clan is a group of related people.
The Lenape (clan) system is called _______________________. matrilineage
What does "matrilineage" mean? Matrilineage means that everything is done through the mother.
How were land and housing passed down in the clans? Housing and land were passed down through the mother.
What things did Lenape mothers pass down in their clans? housing and land
Lenape lived in what two types of houses? Longhouse and Wigwam
A larger rectangular house is called a ______________________. longhouse
What are longhouses are made of? thin tree trunks covered with bark and grasses
How long could a longhouse be? 100 feet or more
_______________ families could live in one longhouse. Several
Lenape would move throughout an ___________ according to what? area; seasons
Lenape wore clothes made from ___________. animal skins (deer skins)
What kinds of animal skin did Lenape make clothing from? deer
Clothing could be decorated with ________, ______________, and ___________. paint, wampum, and beads
In the winter, what did Lenape wear to stay warm? leggings
What did Lenape wear to make snow travel easier? snowshoes
Name a special type of clothing worn by the Lenape. (There are two) a cloak; a garment
What were cloaks decorated with? turkey feathers
What were garments decorated with? porcupine quills
Lenape used ________, _____________, and _________ to celebrate special events. songs; prayers, and rituals
Lenape believed in a living spirit called _____________? Manetuwak
What is "Manetuwak"? The living spirit the Lenape believed in.
How did the Lenape seek guidance from Manetuwak? They used prayers, dreams, and visions to seek guidance from Manetuwak
What is the Doll Dance? It is a special ceremony for good health.
The Doll Dance is a special ceremony for ________________. good health
Lenape _____________ special __________________ dolls for the Doll Dance. carved; wooden
Who was in charge of the farming in Lenape tribes? women
What crops did Lenape women grow? squash, beans, sweet potatoes, and corn
What does "forage" mean? to search for
What foods did Lenape forage? nuts, fruits, and berries
What two kinds of berries supplied a lot of food for the Lenape? strawberries and cranberries
How were berries preserved? They were dried.
Why did Lenape dry berries? Dried berries could be stored and eaten in the winter.
What interesting fact is still true about strawberries and cranberries today? Strawberries and cranberries are still popular in NJ today.
How did Lenape men help get food for their families? They hunted and fished.
What did Lenape men hunt with? bows, arrows, and traps
Where did Lenape men find a plentiful supply if fish? Rivers
What other tool did men use to catch fish? fishing nets
Lenape men also fished in the _____________. Ocean
What three types of food did the Lenape men catch in the ocean? oysters, clams, and shellfish
When did the Lenape's change their name? 1610
What was the Lenape Indian name changed to? Delaware Indians
Why was the Lenape name changed in 1610? Other settlers renamed the area after a Governor of Virginia (Lord de la Warr)
What does "Lenape" mean? Lenape means "the people".
What are artifacts? tools or objects used a long time ago
What artifacts found in North America prove that there were early settlers? stone tools
What is the name of the Native Americans in NJ? Lenni Lenape
What language did the Lenape speak? Algonquian
What were the three groups of Lenape? Unami, Munsee, Unalactigo
What is the name of the area the Lenape lived in? Lenape hoking (means land of the Lenape)
What is the modern/present day name of the area where the Lenape lived? The Delaware River Valley
Created by: Mrs Ledyard
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