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Chapter 15

Identify and Define

Henry the Navigator The prince of Portugal that embodied the crusading drive and the new spirit of exploration.
Vasco da Gama Led four ships around the Cape of Good Hope.
Christopher Columbus An Italian navigator from the port of Genoa who wanted to reach the Indies by sailing west across the Atlantic.
Vasco Nunez de Balboa A Spanish adventurer who hacked a path through Panama.
Ferdinand Magellan A minor Portuguese noble trying to find a path from South America to the Pacific.
Cartographer Map-maker
Astrolabe Instrument developed to determine sailors' altitude at sea.
Caravel Combined square sails with triangular sails.
Scurvy A disease caused by a lack of vitamin C in their diets during months at sea.
Circumnavigate Sail around.
Pagan arose in the fertile rice-growing Irrawaddy Valley.
Anawrata King that made Pagan a major Buddhist center.
Khmer Adapted Indian writing, mathematics, architecture, and art.
Suryavarman II A King who built the great temple complex at Angkor Wat.
Trung sisters Two noble sister that led an uprising that briefly drove the Chinese occupiers from the land.
Matrilineal Inheritance through the mother.
Stupa Dome-shaped shrines
Padi Fields
Afonso de Albuquerque A commander that burned coastal towns and crushed Arab fleets at sea.
Robert Clive An agent of the British East India Company.
Outpost Distant areas under their control
Sepoy Indian troops
Matteo Ricci A Jesuit priest that made a positive impression on Ming China.
Manchus Invaders from the north that pushed through the Great Wall.
Kangxi A ruler that was an able administer and military leader.
Qianlong Kangxi's grandson which had an equally successful reign.
Hermit Kingdom What Korea was called because they imprisoned shipwrecked European sailors.
Francis Xavier A Spanish priest who found a Japanese curious and eagar to learn about Christianity.
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