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Post WWI Key Terms

Ch 11 Key Terms for Mr. Sal's US History Class

Any person viewed against Capitalism or Democracy Radical
Belief in no government or central authority Anarchism
18th Amendment Prohibition
US fear of Communism spreading Red Scare
1919, AG raided suspected radicals w/out warrants Palmer Raids
Leader of Pan-African Movement Marcus Garvey
The right to vote Suffrage
Scandal within the Harding Administration Teapot Dome
People opposed to WWI, mainly Socialists Internationalists
Plan to help Germany repay reparations and avoid another war The Dawes Plan
Countries giving up weapons Disarmament
1928 treaty vowing to use diplomacy instead of war to resolve differences Kellogg-Briand Pact
The ouput of factories within a country Industrial Productivity
Factors of production Capital
Financial entity, large business Corporation
Rule by a powerful few Oligarchy
Corporations providing benefits to employees to help them out Welfare Capitalism
The banning of alcohol in the US Prohibition
Sec.of Interior leased oil reserves to friends without bids. Teapot Dome
Created by: dsalvucci