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Foy Ch. 11 Test

If you were wanting to head southwest from Independence, Missouri to trade with Mexican merchants, what trail would you take? Santa Fe Trail
What two areas were made U.S. states between 1845-1848? Texas and Oregon
What event started the Texas Revolution? Mexico banned American settlement and slave importation in Texas.
What country did Texas declare independence from in 1836? Mexico
What river did the U.S. believe was the border between Mexico and the United States? Rio Grande
What was the consequence of Santa Anna getting captured at the Battle of San Jacinto? He was forced to sign a treaty giving Texas Independence
In what state did Brigham Young build a Mormon settlement? Utah
You are a Mormon in search of religious freedom. You hear there is a large group of Mormons settling in Utah. What trail would you take to get there? Mormon Trail
What type of people were most miners? young, unmarried men
What American merchant helped build trade in the Pacific Northwest? John Jacob Astor
What did the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo promise to the Mexicans living in U.S. land gained from Mexico? To protect their freedoms
What was Sam Houston’s role in the Texas Revolution? He was named head of the Texas army.
Who became the ruler of Mexico before the Texas Revolution? Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna
Demand for what item led traders further west? fur
What was unusual about the life of freed slave, Biddy Mason? She came during the gold rush and became of the California’s wealthiest landowners.
You and your men have just taken the town of Sonoma, California and are raising a flag to show that you are declaring California an independent nation. What is the name of the rebellion you were part of? Bear Flag Revolt
What was a result of the fast population explosion in California after the gold rush? It made California eligible for statehood.
Why did gold miners have to pay such high prices for basic necessities, such as food? The huge amount of gold in circulation caused severe inflation.
You were hired by Mexico to take a group of settlers to Texas. What were you called? empresarios
The Mexican War came to an end after what event? General Scott captured Veracruz and Mexico City.
Where was gold discovered in California in 1848? Sutter's mill
What group of settlers traveled to the West in search of religious freedom? Mormons
Why did the Californios feel little connection to the Mexican government in Mexico City? They were so far away that they felt isolated.
What changed California’s economy and population almost overnight? gold rush
What did James K. Polk support, which helped him win the presidential election of 1844? expanding the nation westward
You spend every summer in the Rocky Mountains, trapping animals for fur and sending the fur back east. What would you be called? mountain men
If you believe that God wants Americans to spread west to share Democracy with others, what is the name of your belief? manifest destiny
What trading post became an important American settlement in Oregon? Astoria
You traveled on the California Trail in 1849 in search of “striking it rich!” You have been panning for gold for three months with little success. What nickname would you be given? forty-niners
What man began a colony on the lower Colorado River in 1822 called the “Old Three Hundred?” Stephen F. Austin
You hear there is good farmland in the territory north of California and want to make the 2,000 mile-long journey from Independence, Missouri. What trail would you take? Oregon Trail
Who supported Texas entering the union as a slave state? southerners
Why did President Jackson recognize Texas as an independent nation, but not accept Texas as a new state into the US? He didn’t want to upset the balance between slave and free states.
In 1849, immigrants from what places arrived in California for the gold rush? Mexico, Europe, and South America
What were the requirements for Texans to receive land from Mexico? obey Mexican laws, become Mexican citizens, and practice Roman Catholicism
What are the lands gained by the United States as a result of the Mexican War known as? Mexican Cession
Why was the completion of the Transcontinental Railroad important? It ended the separation of California from the rest of the United States.
What country controlled California before the Mexican-American war? Mexico
What was the result of the Battle at the Alamo? Texans held out against the Mexican army but were eventually killed.
What western territory was once claimed by the United States, Russia, Great Britain and Spain? The Oregon Country
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