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Enska í Ensku


Metal Fatigue The progressive and localized structural damage that occurs when a material is subjected to cyclic loadings.
Hard science The harder part of science (some people say) like physics and chemistry
Soft science The softer part of science (some people say) like anthropology and psychology
Foreseeable Predictable
Bland Not having a strong taste
Decide Determine
Produce Yield
Discern To understand sth that is not clear
Attachment A strong feeling of affection for sth/stb
Notation (tákn kerfi) A system of signs or symbols used to represent information, especially in mathematics, science and music
Lay out To present a plan/argument clearly
Chronicle Record events in order of which they happened
Verify To check if sth is true or accurate
Discipline An area of knowledge, taught in university
Question To have doubts or suspicions about sth
Address Deal with a matter / problem
Inextricably Unable to be separated or escaped from
Delve into Try hard to find more info about sth
Technophile A person who is enthusiastic about new technology.
Technophobes A person who fears, dislikes, or avoids new technology.
Module Independent units that can be used to construct a more complex structure
Outside chance A small probability, but a conceiveable one
Esoteric Hidden
Bombardment a continuous attack with bombs or sth
Congenical Born with
Shun Avoid
Obsolete Old school
State of the art First class
Bargain an agreement between two or more people or groups as to what each will do for the other.
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