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People at Work (2)

by Ciara Bauer

Employment in Ireland can be grouped into 3 main areas. Name these groups. Agriculture, industry and services.
List the 3 reasons for unemployment. 1. Competition among firms means businesses may close down or let some workers go. 2. New technology. 3. Drop in number of people employed in agriculture. 4. Economy may be going through a recession meaning fewer goods/services are being purchased.
List 3 ways of reducing unemployment. 1. Irish people could buy more irish goods. 2. People employed could be asked to work less overtime, making jobs for others. 3. Job share. 4. Encouragement to start new businesses. 5. firms could become more efficient and competitive increasing sales.
Suggest 2 ways the government tries to help the unemployed. 1. Jobseeker's Benefit paid by the Department of Social Protection. 2. Retraining programmes organised by FÁS. 4. Back-to-work programmes organised by FÁS. 5. Additioal benefits such as medical cards, fuel vouchers, etc.
List 3 rewards of being self-employed. 1. You're your own boss. 2. You make all decisions. 3. You choose your own working hours. 4. You can keep all profits. 5. You're doing something you're good at.
List 2 risks of being self-employed. 1. You must provide all money. 2. You could lose money you invest. 3. You might have to work long hours. 4. You are responsible for all ares in the firm.
List 3 types of people not included in the Labour Force. 1. Those retired. 2. Those still in school, college or on training courses. 3. Those who don't wish to work outside the home.
List 2 duties of the human resources manager. 1. Interview and recruit new staff. 2. Provide training courses. 3. Make sure the workplace is safe and healthy. 4. Talk to trade union rep.
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