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American Revolution

4th Grade-Garner

A lawmaking body Assembly
A group of people who gather together to solve local problems Town Meeting
A military force made up of volunteers Militia
a member of an assembly Delegate
Freedom Liberty
To refuse to obey those in charge because of different ideas about what is right rebel
One of the first British laws placing taxes on the colonies which taxed paper documents, newspapers, cards, etc. Stamp Act
The betrayal of one country by giving hope to an enemy Treason
Groups of colonists that organize protests against the British Government Sons of Liberty
To cancel or take back Repeal
Laws that made colonists pay taxes on everyday items imported from Britain Townshend Acts
To refuse to do business or have contact with a person, country or group boycott
Committees formed by the colonies to inform each other about important events Committees of Correspondence
A protest in which colonies dumped chests of tea into the Boston Harbor Boston Tea Party
The reaction of the British Parliament to the Boston Tea Party Intolerable Acts
A meeting of Colonial Delegates to decide on a plan to oppose the Intolerable Acts First Continental Congress
Trained soldiers ready to defend the colonies have a minute's notice Minutemen
The war between the colonists and the British American Revolution
A famous battle between the British and the Minutemen at the beginning of the revolution Battle of Bunker Hill
A written request signed by many people A petition
Tax on sugar and molasses Sugar Act
British soldiers could stay in any colonial house they wanted Quartering Act
They paid a lot of money for the French and Indian War. They taxed the colonies. The reason that Great Britain needed to raise money.
They would tar and feather tax collectors. This is what the Sons of Liberty did to tax collectors to protest the taxes.
The tea act kept the taxes on tea and it also gave one company control of all the tea trade. The Cause of Boston Tea party
A group of angry colonists dumped 343 crates of tea in the Boston harbor The Boston Tea Party (the effect of the Tea Act)
The British closed the Boston Harbor and forced the colonists to house and feed the British soldiers The Repercussion of the Boston Tea Party.
Colonists that believed in the ways that King George III ruled. Loyalists
Colonists that didn't agree with King George III and wanted to be free from Great Britain Patriot
When the Shot Heard around the World happened and when Paul Revere rode through town yelling "the British are coming." Battle of Lexington and Concord
The name of the 7 year long war between Britain and France The French and Indian War
This treaty gave Britain control of Canada (after the French lost the French and Indian War) The Treaty of Paris (1763)
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