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History Chapter 15

History Test

Persecute Punish or treat cruelly
Saul Did not like Christians- changed when saw light from Heaven
Conversion Change from religion to another
Sect Group of people
Romans tolerence Romans tolerated other religions in the empire
Jews and Christians Worshiped one god and did not follow the Roman gods
Jews Lived by the law of God
Romans and religion Made sacrifices to their gods
New Testament Written after Jesus died 50AD for Christianity
Jesus Had Jewish disciples and was son of God
Gentiles Anyone who was not Jewish
Peter Gets a vision to preach Gentiles and converts and Roman soldier
Paul Made long journeys to convert people to Christianity-easy because a citizen and spoke their language
Nero Fires swept through Rome-blamed on Christians
Chritians Did not attend public events-gave things to poor-did not join army
Christian churches Held in private- held in Greek- leaders called bishops
Christian cerimonies Lords Supper and Babtism
Regular Christians Payed taxes- were not legal in empire- obeyed Roman law- were mostly ignored
Pliny Governor of Asia Minor and wanted to give Christians a chance
Decius Ordered that all Romans worship and sacrifice to the gods- Christians refused and were killed
Martyr People who would rather die than give up their religion
Diocletian Killed many Christians- lost their jobs, houses, family's
312 Constantine became emperor and ended Christians deaths
Constantine Gave money to the church and had Romans follow whoever they want
Church and state Got more power and did not pay taxes and could change an emperors decision
Excommunication Being banned from church until one repents for actions
Pagans People who were not Christians or Jews
Marcus Aurelius Popular leader until he died
Struggle After Severus Alexander died it ended the dynasties- prices were raised
Diocletian reign Edict on prices-he made the prices and no one could change them; increased the size of army and government; divided into two regions; called himself master
Religion of the empire Became Christianity had good empire and military
Constantinople Became capital of Roman empire
Split Empire Eastern side had Constantinople- Western side had Rome
Visigoths Lead by Alec conquered Rome- settled in Eastern empire killed Emperor Valens and his army
Barbarians People from beyond the Roman frontier- eventually took over Western empire
Barbarians overran Britain, Gaul, North Africa, Spain
476 AD Fall of Rome
Germanic Chief Odoacer Forced last emperor out of Western side
Eastern during barbarians Stayed in tact for thousand more years and Constantinople withstood attacks
Christians Became stronger- many tribes became Christian- were blamed for problems
St. Augustine Wrote City of God 22 volumes took 13 years because pagans were blaming Christians
Geography fall Shaped like donut took lots of soldiers to go and help army
Economic decline fall Army and government kept growing and could not pay for everything
Growth of government fall Officials became greedy and too many people o support and too much money and soldiers wasted
Decline in the work force fall High slave death rate and in soldiers
Lack of technology fall Little machinery and few workers
Military defeat fall Roman army no longer strong enough
Europe fall 500 year fall- no trade- no education
Monasteries Centers of learning around the church containing school and libraries
Created by: efinney
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