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5th Gr Chap 6 L1+2

2013-2014 5th Grade Chapter 6 Lessons 1 and 2

Key ItemDefinition
Alliance A formal agreement among groups or individuals.
Delegate A respresentative
Parliament The lawmaking body in England.
proclamation a public announcement
budget A plan of spending money.
Ohio River Valley The land between the Appalachian Mountains and the Mississippi River that the English and the French are fighting over.
Albany Plan of Union An idea created by Benjamin Franklin that said the colonies should unite to raise money and an army to defend themselves against the French.
Benjamin Franklin Creator of the Albany Plan of Union.
George Washington Led a group of soldiers to Fort Duquense to drive the French out of the French and Indian War. Created Fort Necessity.
William Pitt He became Prime Minister of England and made decisions that led England to win the French and Indian War.
Treaty of Paris of 1763 It is the Treaty that ended the French and Indian War. In the treaty France had to give up Canada and any claims in the Ohio River Valley. Spain received the land west of the Mississippi River. England received Canada and Florida. It ended France's power.
Proclamation Line of 1763 It is the imaginary boundary line that was drawn down the Appalachian Mountains to halt the colonists moving into the Ohio River Valley.
Pontiac An Ottawa chief who encouraged other tribes to fight with him against the British. They almost won but they did not capture the important forts to gain control.
Sons of Liberty Created by Samuel Adams to protest the different acts created by Parliament. They burned rag figures and would tar and feather tax collectors.
Daughters of Liberty These were women that protested the Townshend Act. They boycotted tea and made their own cloth even if it was not as good as Englands.
Samuel Adams One of the leaders of the Sons of Liberty and created the Committees of Correspondence to communicate the grievances of the colonists against the British.
Committees of Correspondence It was organized to circulate the news and happenings of the colonies.
Townshend Acts It was an act created by Parliament that taxed all imported goods such as glass, paint, lead, tea, paper products and cloth.
Boston Massacre Happened on March 5, 1770. It was when a crowd gathered around the customs house taunting the British soldiers. Someone fired into the crowd. 5 people were killed. The first person was Crispus Attucks.
Cripus Attucks The first person killed in the Boston Massacre.
Paul Revere Created an engraving of the Boston Massacre and it was put in newspapers all over the colonies. It made the other colonies distrust the British as much as the people in Boston.
Sugar Act This act was the first one passed by Parliament to raise money to pay back the debt of the war. It taxed sugar and molasses imported in from the West Indies.
Representation To have someone speak or act for you.
Treason The act of working against one's government.
Congress A formal meeting of government representatives.
Boycott To refuse to buy or use goods or services.
Repeal To cancel.
Imperial Policy Laws and orders issued by the British Parliament.
Protest To work against, or object to, a certain policy.
Mercy Otis Warren Wrote plays protesting the Stamp Act.
Patrick Henry He was accused of treason by the Virginia House of Burgesses when he said that Parliament did not represent the colonies.
Stamp Act Congress It was a meeting in New York City by delegates from nine colonies to figure out how to protest the Stamp Act Congress.
The Stamp Act It was passed by Parliament and it taxed all printed material such as legal documents, newspapers and playing cards.
Created by: Mrs. Hastings