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UND 363 Alc. blu hya

UND 363 Alcian Blue w/ Hualuronidase

Purpose of Alc. blu. Hyaluron to differintiate epithelial and connective tissue mucins
Principle of Alc. blu. Hyaluron testicular enzyme hyaluronidase will digest out the mucal polysaccharides found in connective tissue, therefore epithelial tissue will still stain while connective tissue will show diminished or NO stain
Fixative for Alc. blu. Hyaluron 10% NBF
Technique requirements for Alc. blu. Hyaluron 2 identical sections of umbilical cord @ 4-5 microns (on 2 slides) one labeled with (digestion) and one W/O (for connective tissue mucin)
what is an alternative technique with Alc. blu. Hyaluron (for epithelial mucins) 2 identical sections/ 2 slides (W/ and W/O) of sm. bowel, appendix, colon (to demonstrate epithelial mucins)
Microscope for Alc. blu. Hyaluron light
name the 4 major reagents in Alc. blu. Hyaluron 1. Buffer (both slides get the buffer but one will get the enzyme) 2. hyaluronidase digestion solution 3. alcian blue (stain mucin) 4. nuclear fast red (for counterstain)
explain in detail the buffering step on slide is put in only buffer, the other is put in digestion solution w/ buffer. They are give the same time and temp. Before staining they are put in 3% acetic acid to prevent PH change of the soln'
What are the standard results of Alc. blu. Hyaluron W/O digestion - acid mucopolysaccharidase and sialomucins will be deep blue W/ digestion mucosubstances containing hyaluronic acid and chondroitin sulfates A & C will have marked loss of staining
what comprises the buffer solution potassium phosphate diabasic, sodium phosphate dibasic PH of 6
Created by: mustangvxd