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UND 363 Mayer Muci

UND 363 Mayer Mucicarmine

what is the purpose of Mayers Mucicarmine Demonstrate Epithelial mucin (adenocarcinoma and cryptococcus capsules)
what is M. Mucicarmine not good for Connective tissue Mucins
What is the principle behind M. Muci. Aluminum forms chelate complex w. carmine the resulting compound had a net pos. charge and attaches to the acid group of mucin. (binding of acid groups of mucin and attaching a red color to the complex in a dye lake formation)
fixatives for M. Mucicarmine 10% NBF
thickness and control 4-5microns, use colon, sm. intestine, appendix (due to goblet cells in these specs)
microscope for M. mucicarmine Light
what are the three reagents in mayers mucicarmine Weigert iron hematox = nuclear stain mayers mucicarmine = chelating agent Metanil Yellow = counterstain
What are the expected results Mucin - deep rose/red (goblet cells), Cryptococcus capsule - deep rose/red, nuclei = black, background = blue or yellow
what are some precautions to be aware of can get over-stained with metanil yellow an hematox. Over hematox (commonly caused by fresh weigerts hematox) will result in pink areas having a grey tint
what are two best practices with mayers mucicarmine use a control with less mucin (instead of one overloaded with it); use under hood because of anhydrous chloride (due to hcl vapors)
what are mucins and what 4 props do they have Mucin are intracellular secretions of various cells. 1. stain with basic dyes. 2. metachromatic (means stain a diff color than the stain itself) 3. precipitated by acetic acid (except gastric mucin). 4. soluble in alkaline solutions.
what can tap water do in the mayer mucicarmine technique tap water can remove metanil yellow
what will be seen if autolyzed colon is used for a control in this stain no goblet cells will/can be positively identified.
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